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Plank Exercises

Handy plank exercises worksheet. Core Stability exercises help to re-strengthen the spine, plank exercises are a very simple way to engage and work the core muscles of the spine. They start off simply taking a few seconds each for the four positions gradually increasing the time as the exercise becomes easier.

The Plank Exercises

All Plank exercises to be done in loose clothing with or without trainers on carpeted floor.

Plank exercises are designed to be simple movements raising body off floor a smallish amount to strengthen the core muscles of the body.

Body must be kept in one line

Plank exercises should be repeated in any one set 2-3 times.

Start with a 5 or 10 second lift and hold

After the initial week or two increase from 5-10, or 10-15 seconds and after 2-3 weeks increase 15-20, 20-25. Try to get to 30 seconds and maybe 60 seconds.

In total there are 4 basic plank exercises, which can be made more dynamic once these initial exercises are mastered.

Throughout the exercises you must engage the core muscles by contracting (squeezing) the buttocks, abdomen (tummy) and pelvic floor.

The (front) Plank

The Side Plank

Either of the positions below can be used but keep feet together on floor, also maybe better to start with lower of two pictures body position.

The Reverse Plank

Start with 1st picture and just raise and hold body, not necessary to raise legs. Lowest picture more advanced.

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