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Back Pain Treatments

Affecting four out of five people at some time in their lives, backache (often referred to as Lumbago) is the most common complaint treated by osteopaths. In most cases, backache is caused by over-straining the structural components in the back. Most cases, whilst painful, are not serious if seen to promptly and usually respond very well to osteopathic treatment. The osteopath will always complete a case history (questionnaire) about your condition, examine your spine, including some more medical tests as necessary to ensure that osteopathy is the correct and appropriate treatment for you. Before applying the gentle osteopathic techniques your osteopath will discuss your condition, explain the problem including the treatment and plan to help improve and resolve it. Exercises and advice on diet, life style changes and posture will be given where needed and when requested.


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These sets of instructional videos have been produced in order to provide a visual and audible description of Osteopathic Minimal (short) Lever Mid Range Manipulation Techniques for osteopaths, physiotherapists, manual therapists, at mid to senior student level, graduates and post graduates. Techniques demonstrated look at the basic spinal regions, the spinal junctions, the sacro-iliac joints, ribs and the lower and upper extremity joints.

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Most Private Health Insurance (PHI) companies cover Osteopathic Treatment

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