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Osteopathic treatment is a holistic approach to optimum patient health and well being, it incorporates a concept and philosophy that looks at restoring the faulty factors that have lead to ill health to a more optimum balance so that the symptoms resolve and the underlying cause is affected to avoid future repercussions.

Treatment is ‘hands on’ manual, taking up various forms and styles, from massage, mobilising, gentle manipulation, stretching, cranial and visceral techniques. Osteopaths will also advise on lifestyle, diet, exercises, ergonomics and posture.

Osteopathic treatment can influence a great many musculoskeletal problems, including back pain, joint problems, arthritis and a large number of work related injuries, postural problems, sports injuries, pregnancy back pain, tension headaches, some breathing problems (by influencing the diaphragm and ribs) and can help to soothe and relax your baby and possibly further help at all stages of development of your child. This list is not endless but the scope for osteopathy is very wide ranging.

Do speak with us or use our contact page to ask about whether we might be able to help you, your family and friends. Even if your problem is not listed here, once again do ask our opinion and even if we cannot help you, at the very least we would be happy refer you to someone else who will be able to help.

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Most Private Health Insurance (PHI) companies now will cover Osteopathic Treatment......

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These sets of instructional videos have been produced in order to provide a visual and audible description of Osteopathic Minimal (short) Lever Mid Range Manipulation Techniques for osteopaths, physiotherapists, manual therapists, at mid to senior student level, graduates and post graduates. Techniques demonstrated look at the basic spinal regions, the spinal junctions, the sacro-iliac joints, ribs and the lower and upper extremity joints.

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Most Private Health Insurance (PHI) companies cover Osteopathic Treatment

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