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Swiss Ball Exercises

The Swiss Ball (sometimes also called fit ball or physio ball) is an excellent piece of exercise equipment, which can be used by individuals at all levels of fitness, to work every major muscle group in the body. It also adds the dimension of core strength to your training.

Most upper body dumbbell exercises can be performed on a Swiss ball to add an extra degree of difficulty. The ball can either be used as a seat or bench.

All exercises should be performed whilst trying to encourage the Core Muscles to work. In order to do this the abdominal (tummy), Gluteal (buttocks) and Pelvic Floor muscles must be contracted to engage the Core muscles.

Each exercise should be 5-10 repetitions, to start and then 15-20 once they become easier and more known, this is a single set. Sets should be repeated 3 times with approximately 30 seconds between each set.

Upper Body

Lower Body


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